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2 Of The Best Free Smartphone Applications Available To Home Buyers

Putting our smartphones to good use

As it can be very time consuming having to browse through realms of internet search options in order to find an agent let alone a property, then mortgage lenders not to mention you probably want to know a rough estimate of what you would spend on a property you are looking for.  We have come across two applications that have been designed to work off a smartphone that cuts your choices down and wraps everything into neat packages for your convenience.

2 Free smartphone applications for home buyers

#1 Zillow
Zillow is one of the most used and best-rated home buying applications with a vast range of property listings.
Its extensive and up-to-date database of listings can be viewed by property value, school districts, size and much, much more.It comes with its custom-designed platform that can estimate the value of over a one-hundred million properties. The application offers loan quotes, mortgage calculators and will notify you of any market value drops, house sales, etc.

#2 Homesnap
Available free on Google Play and the App Store this is the top-rated app in the App Store.
It is easy and fun to use and as the name implies you can take a snap of the house and send it to a family member or loved one to discuss even if they do not have the app themselves.
Any replies from your messages are sent straight back to the application.
Its powerful and extensive search engines can be used from anywhere and if required will match you to the agent best suited to the property or enable you to send the property to your own agent with all the details of the property.It has fully customizable house notifications and enables you to store all the snaps you have taken.


Whilst applications can take a lot of headaches and time out of looking for a home it is still advisable to go through a trusted realtor in order to ensure your property needs are met and done so correctly.